MP-SL Series

SL(Table Type)

Windows control in pursuit of convenience.

  • Servo drive mechanism to achieve Variable Cutting Function.
  • Production navigation system
  • QR code plywood die management system(option)
  • Bottom dead center adjustment /0.001mm unit(option)

product specification

Model Max.Plywood die size Max.Pressure Max.Cutting speed Bottom dead center setting unit Max.Material width Total power supply capacity
MP-200SR 280×230mm 44kN 300spm 0.01(0.001)mm 200mm 6kVA
MP-350SR 390×300mm 70kN 300spm 0.01(0.001)mm 350mm 10kVA
MP-550SR 550×400mm 300kN 160spm 0.01(0.001)mm 550mm 19kVA
MP-1400S 1,300×1,350mm 500kN 74spm 0.01mm 1,380mm 30kVA
MP-1550S 1,550×1,500mm 500kN 74spm 0.01mm 1,550mm 30kVA