AC-SL Series

SL(Table Type)

To remarkably improve operability by Windows controlled

  • Servo drive mechanism to achieve Variable Cutting Function.
  • Production navigation system
  • Bottom dead center adjustment /0.001mm unit(option)
  • Cutting start position auto shift equipment(option)
  • Base plate auto 90°dgree rotation equipment(option)

product specification

Model Max.Cutting width Max.Cutting thickness Max.Cutting speed Bottom dead center setting unit Max.Material length Machine Dimensions Machine weight Total power supply capacity
AC-600SL 600mm 10mm 260spm 0.01(0.001)mm 1000mm 1380×2787×1500 mm 1400kg 6kVA
AC-1200SL 1200mm 10mm 180spm 0.01(0.001)mm 1380mm 2120×3533×1500 mm 2000kg 6kVA